The Benefits of the 21 Day Fix

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If you spend time in the fitness community, then you know that 21 Day Fix is the name on everyone’s lips. This fitness and nutritional program has been designed to help you lose weight and build up muscle in a natural and sustainable way.

The program includes 6 intense workouts, which are to be performed for 30 minutes each week. These workouts are supplemented by a nutritional program, which works through color-coded containers.

When you follow the workout and nutritional program outlined by 21 Day Fix, you open yourself up to receive amazing benefits. These are the benefits that we will look at below, so that you can know what great things to expect when you start the program.


As I’ve just mentioned, 21 Day Fix comes with 6 intense workouts. You will perform a workout each day of the week, with each workout focusing on a different part of the body. These are the benefits that you will receive from these workouts:

1. Fat burning- the main purpose of the workouts is to burn fat. 21 Day Fix is actually created for people who want to lose weight, and therefore fat burning is a priority. By putting you through intense routines, 21 Day Fix ensures that the extra fat on your body is lost. You will therefore find that you have lost a significant amount of weight in just 21 days. How amazing is that?

2. Increased flexibility and strength- No one wants to build muscle that provides no value. That is why the workouts aim to increase your muscle strength, so that your whole body is stronger at the end of the 21 days. Furthermore, workouts like yoga fix and Pilates fix aim to increase your flexibility and elongate your muscles. These workouts are also perfect for those looking to de-stress.

Benefits of the 21 Day Fix


When it comes to the nutritional program, you will be faced with a portion control system. This system aims to regulate your portion sizes, so that you eat more healthy and nutritious food. The portion control system works via color-coded containers, with each container corresponding to one of six food groups. These are the benefits of the 21 Day Fix nutritional program.

1. Easy to follow- If you have ever been on a calorie counting diet, then you know that this diet is time-consuming and often complicated. That is why 21 Day Fix uses a simple portion control system which is simple to follow. You are only allowed to eat the amount of food that can fit in the allocated containers, which is straightforward.

2. Transferrable skills- 21 Day Fix aims to teach you how to eat clean, so that you can continue consuming healthy and nutritious food once the program is done. The portion control system is easily transferrable to your daily routine, meaning that you can follow the nutritional guidelines once the program is done.

As you can see, the benefits of the 21 Day Fix are impressive. The 4 main benefits that I’ve outlined above will help you transform your body and your lifestyle, so that you can become a healthier and more active individual. You can check this website for more information.

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21 Day Fix Menu Ideas That Are Bound To Give You Results

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One important thing that you should always remember when following the hammer and chisel program, is to have a list of menu ideas for your nutritional plan. When you have a list of menu ideas, then you give yourself the chance to create a diverse meal plan that you can easily follow.
the hammer and chisel nutritional plan is not restrictive, and you therefore have a wide array of foods that you can include in your menu. To help you out with this, I have compiled a comprehensive list of menu ideas.

The recipe booklet describes how you will use spice blends in your meals as well as providing this amazing and extremely tantalizing dressing recipe that if followed correctly, i guarantee you that what you will have at the end of this 21 days is an awesome shape that your body hasn’t witnessed before. Cooking on the hammer and chisel is really simple and basic and many people doubt the authenticity of this but when you have a very limited time to do all this and we all know how busy you can be on weekdays maybe, then i think that the simplicity that was put into this recipe is bound to give you the intended results. To show how basic they are, they range from boiled or scrambled eggs to a baked chicken. This simplicity is meant to save you time but realize the results that it was meant for. You are however, only restricted from using salt.

Herbs as well as spices and seasoning blends are also recommended for use just as long as you make sure that there is no salt involved. Salt has been restricted because it has a lot of negative effects as far as this workout plan is concerned so kindly stay away from it. Many people have not had the results they hoped for because either didn’t follow basic instructions like this one. There are also recipes for allowed treats and this is to ensure that you do not stray far from the intended foods. These recipes are very helpful and by strictly adhering to them, you will be in the shape that you had in mind at the end of the 21 days.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the menu ideas provided below will pack you with enough energy to get you through the day. Here they are:

– Fiesta breakfast burrito
– Egg muffins
– Blueberry muffins
– Spinach quinoa egg scramble
– Plain oats with cinnamon
– Whole wheat banana muffins
– Omelets
– Lemon poppy seed protein muffins
– Protein packed pumpkin donut holes
– Baked oatmeal cups
– Turkey bacon, egg, spinach, and cheese on whole grain bread
– Berry pancake mini muffins
– Banana pancakes
– Fruity oatmeal bake, with bananas and berries
– Egg white breakfast burrito
– Banana nut butter protein crepes
– Breakfast quesadillas
– Apples and Greek yogurt
– Organic sausage, eggs, and cinnamon raisin Ezekiel English muffins

hammer and chisel Menu Ideas


When it comes to lunch and dinner, the menu ideas are immense. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or meat eater, there are plenty of delicious foods to sink your teeth into. Here they are:

– Roasted Parmesan green beans
– Grilled chicken salad
– Cucumber and dill summer salad
– Chili lime shrimp
– Taco turkey burgers
– Chicken tikka Marsala
– Spiced turkey with sweet potato hash and cabbage
– Chicken enchilada soup
– Mini zucchini pizzas
– Broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken
– Garlic Parmesan chicken and spinach
– Baked boneless buffalo chicken and Brussels sprouts
– Chicken fried rice
– Broccoli quiche
– Asian chicken skewers
– Turkey taco lettuce wraps
– Buffalo pizza with cauliflower crust and Greek yogurt ranch dressing
– Guacamole chicken salad
– Chicken fajita burrito bowl
– Philly cheese steak stuffed pepper
– Grilled lemon garlic chicken skewers
– Spicy cinnamon sweet potato fries
– Mac and cheese with cauliflower
– Zesty chicken with brown rice
– Chicken sloppy joes
– Egg salad
– Chipotle chicken with lime quinoa
– Sushi
– Tuna salad lettuce wraps
– Shrimp with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and goat cheese


Unlike most nutritional programs, the hammer and chisel program allows for snacks and deserts. The snacks and deserts described below are some of the most popular options that you can choose from. Here they are:

– Chocolate shakeology mug cake
– Cheesecake
– Vanilla, peanut butter, and banana ice cream
– Strawberry, banana ice cream
– Chocolate mocha mousse
– Apple cookies
– Peanut butter oatmeal balls
– Thin mint shakeology
– Chocolate peanut butter cups
– Skinny smashed sweet potatoes
– Oatmeal banana cookies
– Chocolate peanut butter swirl brownies
– Cookie dough Greek yogurt
– Chocolate chip brownie muffins
– Coconut whipped cream with strawberries

The portion control system is meant to make sure that you don’t take too much than what is required of you. This will not only make you lose pounds but also maintain it. Maintaining it is actually the hard part and this is what the hammer and chisel autumn Menu Ideas guarantee. Also, this wouldn’t be complete without the Shakeology recipes that ensure you have the right drinks as you work out. So, despite the simplicity that has been put into this amazing plan, it really does work just as long as you follow the right instructions.

As you can see, your menu options are limitless when it comes to the hammer and chisel nutritional plan. In fact, it is possible to take any of your favorite recipes and tailor them to fit within the program, without sacrificing on taste. So if you are thinking about adding some new menu ideas to your hammer and chisel nutritional plan, then these ideas will definitely help you.

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How To Cut 500 Calories A Day

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If you are embarking on the path to lose weight, then you have probably been searching for the most efficient way to do so. While there are many lose-weight-quick schemes circulating around the internet, I have chosen to go in another direction and show you how to lose weight in a healthy and consistent manner.

By cutting 500 calories a day you can lose 1lbs of weight each week, and that is why below I am giving you an extensive list of how you can trim off these calories.

Cut-500-Calories-A-DayHow To Cut 500 Calories A Day

  1. Tap your feet:

The simple action of fidgeting can burn up to 350 calories daily. By tapping out a tune with your feet as you walk you can slim down your body in dramatic fashion.

  1. Stop snacking on nuts:

Nuts are the perfect snacks. They can fit in your hand and they do not cause a mess. However, nuts are packed with calories, and even though you only aim to eat a handful you will most likely consume an entire bowl.

If you really love nuts go for low-calorie options like pistachios, as opposed to oil-roasted mixed nuts that are 525 calories for 3 handfuls.

  1. Eat at the table:

Eating in front of the TV is quite convenient when your favorite show is on, however studies have shown that you will eat nearly 288 calories more when you do this. Instead eat at your dinner table to cut these calories, and go for a stroll afterwards to cut down on an additional 239 calories.

  1. Cut down on salad toppings:

Just because you are eating a salad does not mean that you are eating a healthy meal. Many people love to add toppings and condiments to their salad, such as caramelized nuts, avocado, bacon, cheese crumbles, croutons, mayo, vinaigrette, and dried fruit to name a few.

However, these topping only serve to add calories to your previously healthy salad, in turn preventing any weight loss gains. You can instead choose to have one topping, use half the dressing, or switch the high-calorie toppings mentioned above with low-calorie veggies like grilled onions, roasted bell peppers, and mushrooms. This simple action can save 500+ calories.

  1. Utilize smaller plates:

Using smaller plates causes you to eat less without reducing your level of satisfaction. In fact, switching your 12-inch plate with a 10-inch alternative can reduce your food consumption by up to 25%.

  1. Cut out the whip cream:

Topping your coffee with whipped cream is a delicious dream- one that is worth 670 calories. By substituting out your whipped cream topped coffee for a 30 calorie espresso you can save 640 calories!!

  1. Stop eating your snacks from a large bag:

When you eat snacks like crackers and chips from a large bag, chance is that you will finish the entire bag. A bender like this on a 9oz bag will cost you 1260 calories minus the dip.

The alternative is to eat from small bags, or consume just 1 serving which will only cost you 140 calories. 1120 calories saved!

  1. Cut back on sugary beverages:

Sugary fruit juices, syrups, and creamy drink additions turn a simple drink into a full blown desert. A mudslide cocktail alone will set you back 800 calories.

By ordering distilled liquors or drinks that are mixed with tonic water, club soda, cranberry juice, and even a squeeze of citrus, you can save all 800 calories.

  1. Reduce your pasta intake:

A single cup of pasta made from refined wheat is 220 calories, and it is important to know that the serving of pasta you usually partake of in a restaurant is almost 5 times larger than this (1056 calories).

By substituting this with 2 cups of whole-wheat pasta or noodles, you can save up to 700 calories.

  1. Eat mini desserts:

The truth is that it is extremely important to resist delicious desserts, however there is guilt associated with consuming over 1000 calories at one go. The alternative is to eat mini deserts which can have 7x fewer calories.

  1. Don’t drink a smoothie a day:

While drinking a smoothie for breakfast may seem like a great weight loss tactic, a 32oz smoothie can contribute to 800+ calories. Instead have a hearty yet low-calorie breakfast like oatmeal, fruits and black coffee, which can save you up to 518 calories.

Now that you have these tips, begin to implement several of them into your daily routine. If you combine the tips above you will find yourself cutting 500+ calories a day without a problem, and soon enough you will witness amazing weight loss results.


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What you should know about the Insanity Max 30 Calendar

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Are your 2-3 hour workouts starting to bore you? On top of that, the progress that your exercise routines are giving you is not satisfactory. Don’t you ever wish that you can work out for only 30 minutes a day and still get visible results that you are looking for? If so, Shaun T’s Insanity Max 30 may just be the right solution for you.

Insanity Max 30 Calendar

The Insanity Max 30 is a 60-day workout program created by Shaun T, a fitness trainer known for creating Hip Hop abs, designed to bring out visible results without requiring you to do 2-hour long exercises. With Insanity, you only have to work for 30 minutes a day.

How Does Insanity Max 30 Work?

The fitness program utilizes high intensity exercises to work the muscles up as well as stimulate the fat burning process in your body. The exercises that make up the program increase the body’s metabolism and keeps it running at high levels even when at rest. Imagine being on a workout for 24 hours a day and seven days a week without exerting any effort. That’s how you benefit from the program.

What to Expect From the Program

As stated in the product’s sales pages, you should expect the “craziest 30 minutes of your day”. This means expect to max yourself out to the point of running out of breath. Now, before you get turned off by this phrase, its creator guarantees that you will get the “Best Results of your life”. After all, once your body has adapted to the program’s intense exercises, things will be easier for you. And remember, the point of its intense training is to shorten your workout duration so you can spend more time doing other important things such as your heading to appointments, doing paperwork and spending time with your family without compromising your progress.

No Equipment Needed

If you don’t have any exercise equipment at home then there is nothing to worry about. The Insanity program won’t require you to have any equipment. This, in turn, can help you work your body out in using natural movement. You can read this insanity max review to know more.

Insanity Max Diet

Exercising would be useless without proper diet so Insanity Max makes sure you eat right through the rest of the program. And, no, you won’t have to settle for recipes that take a lot of time to prepare and don’t taste good. It shows how to eat what you love and still get the nutrition you need. It also has a “No Time to Cook Guide” to help you out with quick food preparation.

Insanity Max 30 calendar

Now, you might be asking, “Does the program have a calendar?” Well, yes. As a matter of fact, Insanity Max has a very specific calendar. It has designated exercise routines from Monday to Friday and requires you to take a rest during Saturdays and Sundays. The two month Insanity Max 30 calendar is quite easy to follow; you won’t have to worry about mixing up your workout itinerary.

If you want to learn more about Insanity Max 30 and its effectiveness, you can check out related blogs and forums for customer reviews. In case you’ve already set yourself to get started with it, you can assure yourself that it can help you reach your fitness goal in just 60 days. Good luck with your journey.

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Tips for staying motivated

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Tips for staying motivated

Fitness does not have to be hard work. In order to help you we made these tips to add fun and focus to your routine.
Does it ever happen to you that you start a fitness program and then you quit it? Well, you are not alone. There are many people like you, who have started fitness programs but then stop it when they get tired of it or when they saw that results come very slowly. So, in order to help you we are going to give you a few tips to help you stay motivated.fuzzy-target
1. You need to set your goals. You should start with simple goals and then move to the longer range goals. You need to remember to make your goals possible and realistic. Yes, we know that is easy to get irritated and to give up easily if your goals are too determined.
So, if you haven’t exercised for while, your short-term goal could be to run for ten minutes a day 3 days per week. So, after that your intermediate goal could be to run thirty minutes 5 days per week. And at the end your long-term goal could be to run sixty minutes six days per week.
2. Try to make it fun. You should find activities and sports that you enjoy. You should try something different if you don’t enjoy in your workouts. You can join a volleyball league for example. Or take a ballroom dancing classes. You can check out martial arts center. The thing is that you need to find out your hidden athletic talent. Also, keep in mind that exercise doesn’t have to be hard work. You just need to have fun and to stick with a fitness program.running_mentalhealth
3. You should make physical activity as a part of your daily routine. Yes, it is hard to find some time for exercise, but don’t be like those people who fall back on excuses. You need to consider your exercise as an important activity. You can also exercise during your busy day, such as taking the stairs instead of elevator. Also, do strength training or you can ride a stationary bike while you watch TV.
4. Put it all on the paper. So what is your goal? To lose weight? To sleep better? To boost your energy? Well, whatever is the reason you should write it down .It can help you to stay motivated by seeing the benefits of regular exercise on paper. Also, you can keep an exercise diary. You can record what you did during every exercise session – how you felt afterward and for how long you exercised. It can help you to work toward your goals by recording your efforts – and also remind you that you’re making progress.Instructor Running Fitness Boot Camp
5. You should reward yourself. You should take a few minutes to enjoy the good feelings that exercise gave you, after every exercise session. Also, some external rewards can help you too. Buy yourself to a new tunes or a new pair of walking shoes to enjoy while you exercise – when you reach your longer range goal.

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